Fresh off the press...'Perfect place for a poster' poster / 55X65CM, 300 grms
Edition 30, signed & numbered. (Pre-orders welcome; type me a line).

The Plastic Jazz Orchestra cover
Printed / photographed by The Plastic Jazz Orchestra themselves...

Just fallen from my lorry...'The Sardinians' by Michael Dawkes silkscreen
Edition 50, signed & numbered. 3 colour waterbase ink / 50X70CMS
Early bird pre-orderers just mail me. (Framed if you want to)

One more fling before leaving...
'Les Pays Bas' print dressed in poplar wood ready to travel.
Les Pays Bas - Basnie - Silkscreen print
Edition 20 (from 25 prints), 200 grms 'Natuurwit', 65X50CMS.

What time is it?
Edition: 10 - Paper: Hanemüller 300 grms - Size: 70 x 50 cms. (Purchase? <-> email).

Remember Plastic (Ode to the future)
Silkscreen. Edition 30 (20 signed & numbered) 300 grms 23X50CMs.

CHbI freshly handprinted
65 X 50 CMs - Edition: 20 prints signed and numbered (fr. 50). Info? Purchase? Drop me a line.

CHbI (Dreams) in progress
Howling Wolf Film-sheets of retro cover art 'Majento & N-Tonio'.

What time is it (limited edition)
Silkscreen print (ed. 10/10, Hannemüller 300grms, 70X50cm).
Currently exhibited at CBKU Utrecht/DepArtmentstore (Nov27-Dec24)
Work published in 'Seleceted A' / Graphic Design From Europe
Book design sculptor Caspar Berger (NL) titled 'Update 001'
Photography: Erik / Petra Hesmerg. Art Support: Berger Vroom. Publisher: Index Publishers, Spain.

Back in time: Bloodshot 1/1 booklets (live gigs dj / vj consortium)
Monthly all together now returning ritual of art directing user generated photographs in the decade of Bloodshot, decadent beats for the urban elite (noughties).

Photo (top) by Mammarazzi.

Photograph left page by Steve Dennis, right page own archive.

Photograph by Niels Stomps.

Hell yeah, what a line up: Utrecht's legendary punk trio The stilettos.

Photo left Nicola Dobson, photo right page a Isis Torensma?

Photo left own collection. Photo right page 'unknown'.

Left photo: Steve Denniss, right 'unknown'.

Spread photo by Niels Stomps

Left photo 'unknown'. Right Bloodshot Decadent Beats for the Urban Elite advertising.

Photographer 'unknown'.
'What time is it'
Snapshot edition 9/9 silkscreen print at sales exhibition CBKU Utrecht (Nov27-Dec24)

De Meeuwen van Tinbergen (The Gulls of Tinbergen)
1st carrier of information in service of 'De Meeuwen van Tinbergen' (Dutch-born British zoologist and ethologist). A collaboration betw. Oerol Festival, University Leiden, Boerhave Museum Leiden, Staatsbosbeheer Nederland en Cowboy bij Nacht.
fonk,magazine,paul wolterink,graphic design,anker,strijbos P.W. designs displayed in Fonk Magazine #06/20
Projects: poster and communication theatre group 'Cowboy bij Nacht', book-design sculptor Caspar Berger, corp. i.d. pattern Lindenhof restaurant and event identity 'Zomer op het Plein' summer festival Alkmaar. Both independent art direction and/or in service of Anker & Strijbos.

Dear Cowboy bij Nacht: my thoughts on 'Proloog' booklet...
12 pages. Pages 9 till 11 hide 4 extra 'open-your-self-pages'.
Spine needs sewing. Good luck! Sincere hellos, x Paul.

Designed to tear apart...
Spreads fieldwatcher's notebook 'De Proloog'.
Theatre Group Cowboy Bij Nacht / Oerol Festival 2011

Title page 'de proloog'
Field watcher's notebook / handmade / 90 gr recycled / top left cut off
Theatre Group Cowboy Bij Nacht / Oerol Festival 2011

What time does the Sea close?
Lovely truly honest poetry by homeless people of the city of Utrecht.
Published by Straatnieuws (newspaper in service of homeless people).

Dullest Book Cover Ever
'Define Web Search / Semantic Dreams in The Age of The Engine'.
Shirley Niemans, New Media and Digital Culture, Utrecht University.

Update #1, Caspar Berger
CMYK, 'cahier' stitch, asymmetrical bound.

Straatnieuws 2007
Photos by Niels Stomps: a hydroelectric dam is being built in central China. The project, which has been underway for the past ten years, involves the repatriation of one million local residents.
Department of Development Paul Wolterink
Artists catalogue, Centraal Museum Depot Utrecht - Sophia Foundation Utrecht
CMYK + spot color, recycled offset silkscreened, pages Japanese foulded.
Design Wolterink / Peerdeman / Kamer 109.

Spreads 'Muisman Opnemen'. 2008
Play by Cowboy Bij Nacht. Working in the fields of culture is lovely. 'Muisman Opnemen' is a wonderful short theatre play brought by 'Cowboy bij nacht.' To understand its whole story this booklet is a must read before and after the performance. 'Muisman Opnemen' is inspired by Nikolaj Gogol's story 'The Overcoat' (1842).

Excerpts collection & release 'Around The Web in 80 Dives'
Please submit your 'dive'. Send highest res photo to: Department of Development.

Maandag Editie (Monday Edition) - Series of 7 plays
Theatre Group Aluin & Nieuw Utrechts Toneel (NUT).

Straatnieuws, 2004
Homeless People Magazine cover.

The Voice of Chè Kasparov, 2007
NRC-Next daily newspaper, 02.05.07.

Boarding Now! (click to enlarge), 2006
Top sheet at Ride Snowboard Art 05. War Room exhibition, Seattle, WA.

Hotel Midlife flyers
Theatre Group Aluin.

Flyers Hippolytos - no paper leaflets but 8000 knickers instead
Greek drama by Theatre Group Aluin.

D+B, sign / flyer / poster for monthly drum 'n bass event.

Fat Tuesday
D+B, sign / flyer / poster for monthly drum 'n bass event.